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How the ZUKE Festivsl came to be.

Many years ago, our fire department decided to build a "fire department building" so they could have somewhere to meet and store the truck. The very energetic group was able to get the building and the financing from a very gracious banker in Live Oak. That was a wonderful accomplishment for a small group of caring people to be able to get the land donated, and the Windsor Volunteer Fire Department's new building. It soon came time to start making those annual payments of $1800.00. We started having small fund raisers but it seemed, at that rate, we could never earn enough money to pay for our new building. One night in early 1981, Robert Hutchinson said to me [ Bobbie Walton] "If we would have one big event like a ZUCCHINI FESTIVAL, we could make enough money to make this payment with ease". I thought who in the world every heard of a squash festival!!! By the next day it started to make a little more sense and the thought of having enough money to make the payment on time and possibly a little extra, sounded mighty good. Robert and I, along with Keifer and Sandy Calkins, Jim and Betty Arnette, and all of the Windsor residents we could muster, set out to make the event a success. What a day it was, we did make enough money for the payment and more. We realized if we could continue getting enough help from the community, the mailing of our annual check would be no problem. We met a ten year mortgage in seven years. With the exception of three years, the festival has been held every year since 1981. This year we will celebrate our THIRTY SECOND ANNUAL ZUCCHINI FESTIVAL. Thanks to our community of Windsor and its support for the small local fire department, we look forward to a blessed day.​


Founder member, WIndsor Zucchini Festival

President Emeritus, Windsor Volunteer Fire Department Community Services Committee Inc.

 Ed. Note... Thank you Bobbi for telling us how it all began.

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A hometown gathering place for the Zucchini Capital of the World

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